About the PBL Clearinghouse

What is the PBL Clearinghouse?

The PBL Clearinghouse at ITUE is a dynamic and inclusive open-access repository of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) activities, providing educators, researchers, and learners with a comprehensive collection of high-quality problems across diverse disciplines and levels. All of the problems in the Clearinghouse have gone through a rigorous peer review process and are ready to be adapted to a wide variety of courses. The Clearinghouse aims to facilitate the creation, sharing, and dissemination of innovative and effective PBL materials, fostering collaboration, creativity, and excellence in PBL pedagogy and practice.

Open-Access and Creative Commons licenced

The exercises in the Clearinghouse are all under a creative commons license and are available to use in your classrooms (please acknowledge the authors’ work with a citation). This allows instructors who visit the site to adapt and alter the problems and activities to better meet their learning environments. We welcome you to explore the collection and change a problem to your own pedagogical situation.