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Is My Pitching Career Over?

Length: 3-6 hours

Discipline: Biological Sciences

Level: Advanced (majors)

Author: Tallitsch, Robert

“Tom, a 53-year-old, right hand-dominant male plays on a traveling “exhibition” fast-pitch softball team. He has been a fast-pitch softball player for most of his life, and has made an excellent living since joining the “Arizona Jesters”, a traveling fast-pitch team that plays exhibition games against professional major league baseball teams (during spring practice) and regional championship-quality softball teams around the country. During the past 6 weeks Tom has noticed problems with some of the muscles of his shoulder, as well as a significant decline in his pitching accuracy and velocity.
The students are asked to (a) diagnose Tom’s problem and (b) address how the problem will affect the kinesiology of Tom’s shoulder joint.”

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