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Fifty Miles for My Fiftieth Birthday

Length: 1-3 Hours

Discipline: Biological Sciences

Level: Intermediate (majors)

Author: Tallitsch, Robert

Lincoln is a 50-year old runner who, over the past five years, has completed five one-half marathons and four marathons. He regularly runs six to seven days a week, totaling thirty to fifty miles per week. For his fiftieth birthday Lincoln decided to participate in the Silver Rush fifty mile run. This fifty mile out-and-back run started at an elevation of 10,000 feet in Leadville, Colorado, and ascended 7,400 feet over four peaks, with the highest pass at 12,200 feet. During the run and after the run, Lincoln encounters significant musculoskeletal problems, resulting in hospitalization and treatment. This PBL problem introduces students to exercise- induced skeletal muscle pathophysiology and the resulting disturbances in homeostasis.

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