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A Day in the Life of a World-Wide Intern

Length: 3-6 hours

Discipline: Sociology

Level: Introductory

Author: Vadino, Nicole

There is a major crisis in the Force, and your students have now been called into active duty to serve as interns in the World-Wide Legislation. As interns, their job will be to work with their group and select a topic not covered in class and compile a set of documents, which will be used to help the Commander understand the various aspects of the selected topic. The Commander is the moderator of the International Fellowship of Moral, Legal, and Ethical Codes and needs to decide whether or not to legalize prostitution (or the topic that the group is assigned to). The Annafters challenge that prostitution (or the topic that the group is assigned to) is leading the Force into the dark side and therefore must be destroyed. The Annafters also feel that anyone who engages in such activities must be expelled from society and sent to the Land of Nothingness. The Prefegators, on the other hand, feel that prostitution (or the topic that the group is assigned to) is a necessary means for society to explore individuality as well as allowing individuals to earn a living. The Prefegators argue that expelling these individuals would disturb the balance of the Force and therefore lead the Force into a doomed state. The groups must perform a series of activities throughout the semester culminating in a presentation, outline, and a formal written report to the Commander on the selected topic.

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