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Does Anyone Know What’s Wrong with Me?

Length: 1 Hour or Less

Discipline: Biological Sciences

Level: Intermediate (majors and non-majors)

Author: Tallitsch, Robert

“Molly is a nineteen-year-old, multiple-time All-American pole-vaulter on her college’s track team. During the summer, Molly trains for her event by pole vaulting twice a week and running three miles every other night. When the school year begins, she starts intense training with her coaches and teammates in order to prepare for the long winter and spring seasons ahead. In addition to pole vaulting, Molly trains for the long jump, triple jump, and hurdles. All of these events use the left limb as a “”take-off leg.””
Early in the winter season, Molly experienced a sharp pain on the medial side of her left knee while she was running. After experiencing this pain for a few days, she decided to go see her physician.
The students are walked through a two-part problem that investigates the anatomy of the knee joint and the results of an injury to one or more structures within that joint.”

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