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Deflating Grady

Length: 3-6 hours

Discipline: Faculty Development

Level: Introductory (workshop participants)

Author: White, Harold

Grade inflation poses a problem on many campuses and is an issue familiar to faculty regardless of their discipline. This six-stage problem for a faculty development workshop, introduces faculty to PBL and employs a variety of pedagogical strategies. Grady Rizeng, a chaired professor, upset by being confronted by his chair, Lois Marks, about the high grades he gave, forwards the accusations and complains to Dean Nolira in a late-night e-mail message. That e-mail exchange serves as trigger in Stage 1 to explore the meaning, causes, and implications surrounding grade inflation with the eventual goal in Stage 6 of proposing reasonable ways to deal with the situation. The problem employs written, oral, and visual communication; involves Internet research elements; and addresses mathematical literacy.

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